Boarding & Leasing

2015 Boarding Rates:

Currently have NO openings
We are a small multidisciplinary barn with personal care for each horse daily.  We take care of your horse like it is family.  You will not find this quality of care any where else.
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  • We offer large stalls, depending on your horse's size, they range from 10X10, 10X12, 12X12.
  • We have group rides, trail rides to local trails, and riding around the farm.
  • Access to outdoor arena 200X100,  and 2 round pens.
  • Barrels, Poles, and trail obstacles including bridge, gate, mailbox, and arch w scary plastic.
  • Ability to rent other horses for your family or friends to ride with you
  • We have a variety of types of riders at the farm, we specialize in Natural Gaited Tennesse walking horses for pleasure, but also have quarter horses and other breeds and disciplines.

Board includes:

  • Twice Daily feedings of Purina Strategy, oats, and the Highest quality Hay,
  • Turn out every day that weather permits
  • Turn out is on pasture and dry lots depending on season
  • Pasture turn out is monitored as Hay is fed year round and we don't want your horse to become obese.
  • Fly spray applied for you if provided
  • Fly mask applied daily if provided
  • Blanket is applied if needed and provided
  • You can use our Farrier and Vet or your own, but holding for either is extra charge of $10 each time.
  • Transport to vet if needed for $.75 cents a mile
  • Daily Stall cleaning and fresh Shavings as needed
  • Heated buckets and tanks in the winter
  • Fans in the summer
  • Tack storage areas available
  • Video Surveilence for barn and property

Does Not Include:

  • holding for vet or farrier
  • Transporting
  • Emergency or Sick animal Care
  • Supplies for sick animal
  • Damage to property by your horse
  • Use of our Saddles and Tack for your horse